Christmas Display Snow & Ice | Thomas FX

Ralph Lauren Decorates 2012 Store Windows With Thomas FX ProductsSnow season is indeed upon us as we ship out more orders of Thomas FX artificial snow & ice to US based retail chains. 

We are proud to announce that every one of the Ralph Lauren retail stores will be decorating their Christmas windows this year with realistic looking artificial snow and ice products from our company. 

The artificial snow and ice products that are manufactured by Thomas FX are of the highest quality and are among the most realistic fake snow and ice products in the world. 

For the past 44 years, Thomas FX has been widely acknowledged as a global leader in artificial snow and ice by film and television industry special effects professionals around the planet. 

It is gratifying to be acknowledged by film industry peers, and now by display designers and professionals in the retail display industry as well.

We enjoy working with display designers, helping them to develop unique presentations that will showcase their products and brands in an entertaining manner.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, involve us early and we will work with you to develop something special.

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