Cataract Contacts Fake Blood Artificial Snow and Ice Worldwide

This certainly has been an interesting week so far, and the week is still young.

As I write, we have a shipment of Cataract Contact Lenses en route to a customer in Denmark, and a large shipment of artificial snow, fake icicles, snow fluid and several Thomas FX SN-600 Snow Machines en route to an advertising agency in New York.

We have a number of good customers in both locations, Denmark and New York, so I guess word is getting around that Thomas FX is the reliable Online "go to" resource for artificial snow and ice, and for professional quality makeup effects supplies.
Yesterday we had a surprise visit from two professional makeup effects artists from Korea. Betty and I had a wonderful time showing our visitors all of the unique professional makeup effects products that we stock in the Thomas FX store.

It turns out that they have already been using Thomas FX Breakaway Glass Shards and Non Staining Powdered Blood products. However, they have been purchasing them in Korea from the Graftobian Make-up Company based in Los Angeles . . . another regular Thomas FX Customer.

Some Thomas FX branded makeup effects supplies are also distributed in the United States by Hollywood's Cinema Secrets.

Curiously, also this week, a professional Makeup FX artist based in Ohio purchased 8 pairs of Cataract Contacts for a film shoot. Apparently, he will be working for a production company from India and filming on the Island of Madagascar very shortly.

These are the same type of contact lenses worn by Vin Diesel in The Chronicles of Riddick movie.

Imagine that . . . from the sci-fi blockbuster The Chronicles of Riddick to an Indian Zombie movie filmed in Madagascar.

Coincidentally, the Makeup Effects artist is one of our regular US customers and will also be taking our Non Staining Blood Powder with him to the shoot. He has been using proprietary Thomas FX blood for a while now and tells us he absolutely loves it.

When we add in the dozens of additional Internet customers whose orders we shipped out to various destinations throughout North America this week, and the many dozens of film industry customers that we serve across Canada as well as internationally every day, plus the tens of thousands of people around the world who read our Blog, download our YouTube videos, and Like us on Facebook, then consider how many billions of people are entertained every year watching films or television programs or attending special events or shopping in retail outlets who use our products, and you begin to get a sense of the Global reach of the Thomas FX brand.

Years ago we set out to become a true Global Resource for film industry and entertainment professionals working around the world. Based on results, I would have to say that we are definitely on target and have realized our Corporate Mission.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers around the planet for allowing us to make a difference in the world by supporting your many and diverse First Class entertainment projects!

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