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Thomas FX is a trusted supplier of special effects equipment for film or event productions. We are proud to distribute equipment from many of the world's leading special effects equipment manufacturers, and our own Thomas FX brands of special effects gear. Contact us. Consignments of quality used equipment are welcomed.

    Looking for reliable evaporative snow systems? Thomas FX is a leading supplier of evaporative snow machines, and special effects equipment. We stock our own brands of artificial snow machines as well as snow machines from Ultratec,CITC, Snow Masters and LeMaitre special effects. We carry snow fluids for all machines we stock; evaporative snow fluids that are quite simply the best in the world and that simulate realistic artificial falling snow.
    If you need quality new Mole Richardson fans or used wind machines, look no further. Our stock of special effects wind machines includes gasoline and electric wind machines as well as studio fans. Wind machines range from six inches up to ten feet in diameter. We have a studio fan or wind machine for every purpose. Some units can even be equipped with rain heads, or mounted on skis and towed behind snowmobiles! Consignments of quality used equipment are welcome.
    Thomas FX stocks and sells a complete line of professional fog and haze machines, as well as quality Le Maitre fluids for every machine in inventory. We currently have fog and haze machines by Thomas FX, Ultratec, Le Maitre, Antari, and Hessey, in our inventory. All fog machines are available for rent or for purchase. Fog fluids are available in a range of sizes from 16 oz to 45 gallon drums. Contact us for information about discounts on bulk purchases. We match competitors prices on comparable items.
    Thomas FX is proud to distribute quality Holatron special effects pyrotechnic firing systems. We also stock a complete range of pyrotechnic accessories such as plastelina, lifter cartons, and wire. We also have thousands of pytotechnic devices in our magazines and carry the popular brands that professional pyrotechnicians demand. If you are looking for pyrotechnic equipment, accessories, or pyro devices, you can find everything you need at Thomas FX. Contact us for details. We match competitors prices on comparable items.
    Thomas FX distributes Nicopress rigging equipment and tools. We also have a good stock of Nicopress sleeves, cable eyes and wire. If you demand quality, selection, and service when purchasing rigging equipment, tools or supplies, contact Thomas FX. With lives literally hanging in the balance, it doesn't pay to compromise on quality, so use only the best. We match competitors prices on comparable items.
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