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Biodegradable SNO-FX! ™ Fine Snow Flakes 8 lbs
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Biodegradable SNO-FX! ™ Fine Snow Flakes 8 lbs

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 Fine Dressing Snow, Bulk, 8 pounds ... Exactly the same properties as our original Sno-FX, except that the flake size is "fine". Use it to decorate miniature villages,nativity scenes or your next photo shoot. Comes in a 8 lb box, covers an area of 160 sqft about 14'x14'x1" thick. Use it just like our original regular flakes with light, delicate effect. Completely biodegradable fake snow, for use indoors or outdoors. Why use plastic and paper when you can use an edible food grade product. Call it fake snow, artificial snow, fake snow flakes, or snow powder and you have the perfect product, just call us if you have any question.  "The Hateful Eight" used a combination of "fine grade, movie grade and coarse grade through the movie".  "The Revenant" used "fine grade and retail display grade".


"Thomas FX pulled out all the stops to help me get through our two and a half month long blizzard shoot in Telluride Colorado, on The Hateful Eight film. They worked around the clock to make and ship snow to us. I can’t thank Thomas FX enough, no one else could have pulled this off."

Bruno VanZeebroeck,
Supervising Special Effects Coordinator
The Hateful Eight, Academy Award Winner
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