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Biodegradable Instant Snow 1 lb
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Biodegradable Instant Snow 1 lb

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Instant Polymer Snow: A dry powder that, when mixed with water, expands up to 40 times in volume producing a very realistic settled snow effect. For SFX use: Used predominantly for close up, detail work, as well as top dressing over Paper Snow to create a more realistic interaction with actors and clothing. Polymer is fantastic for creating impressions such as footprints, for dressing over ice effects where it can create a more slippery surface and can be used to create slush effects when over saturated. Care must be taken when using Polymer as it is extremely slippery under foot. Also Polymer snow is not a long-term stable product, light & weather will effect it's life span although indoors the effect stays stable for many days. Also available in 44 lb bags.
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