Backstage - Lunch On The Boulevard

What is the best part of working in film production?

The Money? . . . Freedom? . . .The Buzz? . . . Bragging Rights? . . . Hotties?

From this person's point of view, it is all that great free food!

Imagine walking into a 5-star restaurant, having a great meal, then leaving without having to pay . . . OR . . . imagine walking into a top notch bakery, Starbucks, or candy store, helping yourself to anything you wanted then walking away without paying!

Film crews nearly always work long hours . . . day after day . . . sometimes for months without a day off (if they are lucky). In addition, crews can often start work at 6 or 7 am, then end up working through the night.

To make all of that craziness a little bit more bearable, production managers pamper their crews by providing tables full of goodies and truckloads full of really good hot food. So, hats off to all of those wonderful folks who work in Craft Services and Catering. They make life worth living! . . . . Well anyway, they certainly make it easier to get through a hectic day.

At the end of last week, we went out to the boulevard in front of Thomas FX and Thomas Studios and took a few photos of the Edible Planet catering truck that Manifesto Films had brought in to feed their crew while filming in our studio. This was one of the sharpest Catering rigs we have ever seen. Nicely done ladies!

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