There are new regulations in force for purchasing fireworks in the District of North Vancouver.

Customers MUST purchase a fireworks permit BEFORE they buy fireworks. 

This year all permits must be purchased through the District of North Vancouver from their website.

There will be a short multiple choice quiz that you must pass before your permit application is approved. 

Unfortunately, Thomas FX will no longer be able to sell you a fireworks permit in our store like we have in the past. 

The permit fee is still $2.00, but this year customers only need to purchase ONE PERMIT. Please have your permit in hand each time you purchase fireworks.

In our store you will show us your permit, we will record your permit number, and you will be asked for two pieces of photo ID.

We still have people available to help you to place your orders. 

We have set up a free WiFi site in the store, and have QR codes available that will connect you with the DNV fireworks permit page, and also with the Mystical Distributing website where you can view videos of individual fireworks items.

While the District of North Vancouver fixes the bugs in its new system, we ask that you be patient with all concerned.

If you have a permit in hand BEFORE you visit our store, everything should be much quicker than it was last year. 

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