BIO-ASH Biodegradable Fake Volcanic Ash for Movie Production

Just as our biodegradable movie snow is recognized as the best artificial falling and blowing snow for movie sets, and other entertainment productions, our biodegradable volcanic ash has achieved a similar status.

We created Bio-Ash volcanic ash a number of years ago and within weeks, Martin Scorsese chose Thomas FX Bio-Ash, ahead of a number of alternate ash products, for "Shutter Island" which was in production at that time. Since then, our Bio-Ash (patents pending) has been used in movies such as "The Book Of Eli" "Terminator Salvation" and the Roland Emmerich action thriller "2012: Farewell Atlantis".

In the case of "2012: Farewell Atlantis" This was the first time that Roland Emmerich had filmed in HD and everything had to look perfect. A special effects technician actually brought in a sample of real volcanic ash from the Mount St Helens eruption and asked us to match it. The final custom product was a mix of three different colors of Bio-Ash and it looked absolutely wonderful on set. There were many explosive volcanic effects filmed for that production. If you have seen 2012 you might recall in particular, the White House scene where everything was being covered in volcanic ash. All of that ash was manufactured right here at Thomas FX. We also supplied the production quantities of pyrotechnics and colored smoke .

Bio-Ash Fake Volcanic Ash for Movie Production from Thomas FX
These days our plant is running full out producing biodegradable fake volcanic ash for movie production and we are currently supporting three end of the world disaster films that have chosen to use fake movie ash from Thomas FX.

Bio-Ash volcanic movie ash is available in several shades ranging from light grey to black, and can be ordered in fine, medium or coarse flake sizes. We also have a large selection of supporting and alternate biodegradable fake volcanic ash products in stock. However, if we do not have exactly the volcanic ash product you are looking for give us a call. We might be able to manufacture exactly the ash product your production needs. Thomas FX has been creating innovative custom solutions for the entertainment industry since 1968.

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