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Antari M-1 Mobile Fogger

Item Id: ANT-M1
Price $898.99
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LATEST NEW MOBILE FOGGER - Antari M-1 - Developed especially for use in remote or unexpected situations where power is not always available. The perfect portable, battery powered fog machine to use on location. The M-1 is ideal for a "touch of fog" or can be discreetly placed on props, inside props or hand held. NO WARM-UP TIME: WORKS INSTANTLY! Output: 300 cubic feet/minute Power Consumption : 75 W Fluid Tank Capacity: 4 ounces Battery: DC12V Fluid Consumption: 2 cc per minute Liquid Used: Antari FLM-05 Fluid Optional Remote: MCT-1 (Timer Remote) or MCR-1 (Wireless Remote) Weight: 4 lbs M-1 and Battery Weight: 12 lbs M-1 and Battery, charger, flight case and 500 cc liquid Dimensions: M-1 only 9"x3"x2.5" Dimensions of flight case: 14.75"x 12" x 5.5" Continuous Fog Out - 10 to 12 minutes using battery  NOTE PRICES ARE $898.99 CAD FOR OUR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS.  

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