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Aerated Plaster Gypsnow 50 lbs
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Aerated Plaster Gypsnow 50 lbs

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Aerated plaster, known as Gypsnow, 50 pound bag, is a powdered gypsum plaster that rapidly expands with the addition of water. Gypsnow is shaped by pouring into molds and may also be carved, cut or shaped after being removed from a mold and a short drying period (about one hour.) Gypsno remains 'soft' and is often used for special effect props requiring physical impact. Place 3.7 liters or 125 oz of water into a 5 gallon plastic bucket.  Add 10 lbs of Gypsnow and mix with an electric drill, pour the mixture into a lined plastic form and after about an hour you can remove the item.  
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