2013 Halloween Contact Lens Trend

We have just returned from an exhausting Halloween buying trip and thought we should bring a new 2013 Halloween developing trend to your attention . . . . CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Halloween theatrical contact lenses.

Seriously, we could not believe how many vendors we ran across selling really cheap Halloween Contacts. 

Curious about this phenomenon, we struck up a conversation with one such vendor who bragged that his company owner used to work for the company from which we purchase our Halloween Contacts. He went on to point out that all of the designs were basically the same. When asked, he admitted that his boss "ripped off" the designs from our supplier and was producing their Halloween contacts in the Philippines. 

He also told us that their lenses were basically disposable, whereas the Halloween contacts sold by Thomas FX are of a much higher quality, can be worn for 30 consecutive days, or can last for many years if used more sparingly and cared for properly. 

So buyer beware, the market this Halloween will be flooded with really cheap contact lenses made in the Philippines. They may not be of the highest quality. The fit may not be very comfortable. The paint used to create the designs might hurt your eyes . . . . . But they will be CHEAP . . . Likely in the range of $29 - $39 a pair.

In contrast the Halloween contact lenses sold by Thomas FX are supplied by a company in the USA from the highest quality materials. They are manufactured by a highly reputable company, have been tested and approved by the FDA, and are both comfortable and safe to wear. We sell these high quality Halloween contact lenses for $59.99 a pair, and each pair comes with a free contact lens storage case. Betty has several pairs, some of which she bought 3 years ago, and they are all still in good shape and still comfortable to wear.

This year we will be offering quite a few new and innovative designs so stay tuned . . . more choices are on the way and will be in our store, and in our online store, very soon. We also offer a large selection of stunning Custom Halloween Contacts and Sclera Contacts by special order (allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery). 

If you only plan to wear your Halloween contact lenses once, don't care if they might not be very comfortable, and aren't concerned about the fact that they might hurt your eyes, then you might as well save the extra $20 and take a chance. Please just don't complain that the lenses we sell cost $20 more than the really cheap lenses. They are simply NOT the same product.

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