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Caesar Rise of the Apes" I would like to thank you and your crew for your prompt delivery and excellent service. I ordered 500 pieces of breakway labware on Monday and you delivered Wednesday morning at 8:00 am! Unbelievable!!! "
Ignacio McBurney
Assistant Set Decorator
"Caesar Rise Of The Apes"
Twentieth Century Fox Vancouver Productions Ltd.
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Four Sided Milk Bottle
$36.99 view »
Cane Sugar Beverage Bottle (Boylan)
$29.99 view »
Champagne Bottle - Green
$42.99 view »
Beer Bottle, Short Neck Brown
$30.99 view »
Wine Bottle, Green long Neck with shoulder
$39.99 view »
Mickey Bottle, Screw Top Brown
$37.99 view »
Corona Beer Bottle
$35.99 view »
Rectangular Whiskey Bottle
$39.99 view »
X-Large Cork Top Whiskey Bottle
$47.99 view »
Black Tower White Wine Bottle
$42.99 view »
Finlandia Vodka Bottle
$39.99 view »
Absolut Vodka Bottle
$39.99 view »
Tequila Sauza Bottle
$39.99 view »
Whiskey Bottle
$38.99 view »
Antique Liquor Bottle
$39.99 view »
Polar Ice Black Vodka Bottle
$39.99 view »
Coors Longneck Beer Bottle
$33.99 view »
Kokanee Beer Bottle
$33.99 view »
Beer Bottle, No Shoulder Brown
$33.99 view »
Beefeater Gin Bottle
$39.99 view »
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NOTE: Thomas FX Group Inc., is not liable for personal damage or injury incurred while using any of our products. It is understood and agreed that the customer assumes responsibility and full liability at the time of purchase, or upon issuance of a bona fide purchase order. All sales are final. We do not restock any breakaway glass products. Due to the highly fragile nature of breakaway glass, we do not guarantee or replace broken items once they have left our building.




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