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"IT" . . . . Free Preview Tickets @ Thomas FX
Tomorrow, September 1, all Thomas FX customers who make an in-store purchase will be offered an opportunity to receive a complimentary pass for two to next week's Vancouver Advance Screening of "IT". All Passes must be claimed by  September 4'th. Passes will be made available on a first come basis to the first 15 in-store customers of the day. 

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Buy Breakaway Glass @ Thomas FX
Buy Breakaway Glass @ Thomas FX
Breakaway GlassAnother order of Breakaway Movie Glass ready to ship to a local film production.
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CLOSED Monday August 7
CLOSED Monday August 7
Thomas FX will be Closed, Monday August 7, for BC DAY Long Weekend.
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Thomas Studios Fully Booked
Thomas Studios Fully Booked
Thomas StudiosThomas Studios is booked until September 30, and possibly to the end of October.
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Thomas FX Embraces the Gig Economy
Thomas FX Embraces the Gig Economy
Breaking News . . . Thomas FX has wholeheartedly embraced The Gig Economy. This is a dramatic shift in our recruiting practices, and an opportunity for people who want more flexibility and variety in their career paths. This is just another in a series of continuing innovations from a company that has been recognized as an innovator for the past 50 years!
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Happy Birthday Canada !
Happy Birthday Canada !
Happy 150'th Birthday Canada! Thomas FX will be closed Saturday July 1 through Monday July 3. Enjoy the Canada Day Long Weekend everyone!
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UPSThomas FX is in the process of adding UPS as one of the shipping options for its online shoppers.
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Thomas FX Breakaway Glass Now Cash And Carry
Thomas FX Breakaway Glass Now Cash And Carry
Thomas FX Introduces Cash And Carry Breakaway Glass Service to enhance customer service for its store customers.

People really appreciate being able to walk away within minutes with the breakaway  glass  products of their choice. 
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Thomas FX Making Movie History In 1989
Thomas FX Making Movie History In 1989
The Fly 21989 - The Fly II - John Thomas, Mike Walls and Tony Lazarowich working on set together!
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Thomas Special Effects History Returns Home
Thomas Special Effects History Returns Home
Very special thanks to Screenwriter Rick Drew. Last week, Rick dropped by just as we were closing for the day and gave us this vintage Thomas Special Effects belt buckle. Originally designed by John and Betty Thomas, only a handful were made and given to very special people, like Rick.

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Our Products Entertain the World

Special effects products from Thomas FX entertain hundreds of millions of people every year in films, television, live events, and themed attractions. Our products are also distributed by many of the world's leading retailers and used frequently for seasonal displays in malls, stores, hotels, including many of the corporate sponsors facilities and businesses that participated in 2010 Olympic Games celebrations.

Artificial Snow Special Effects Innovator

Thomas FX is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of the world's finest artificial snow and special effects production supplies including SNO-FX!, Red Hot Snow, and Snow Business winter snow effects. We support display designers, special effects technicians, and entertainment professionals working on six continents.

"Thomas FX pulled out all the stops to help me get through our two and a half month long blizzard shoot in Telluride Colorado, on The Hateful Eight film. They worked around the clock to make and ship snow to us. I can’t thank Thomas FX enough, no one else could have pulled this off."

Bruno VanZeebroeck,
Supervising Special Effects Coordinator
The Hateful Eight, Academy Award Winner

We have satisfied customers in the following countries :

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